Get in Shape, Girl

5 04 2010

You know the feeling. It's so appealing.

Last week, a friend of mine Facebook’d a reminiscence about a 1980’s toy series called “Get in Shape Girl.”  I had completely forgotten about this phenomenon, but it all came flooding back to me immediately, including the goofy theme song.  No no, you’re going to suffer with me:

Now, I had a bunch of these pink-and-purple workout sets when I was a young impressionable girl.  I particularly remember the one with the ribbon à la rhythmic gymnastics (it was a challenge to see how often I could knock things over by flailing the ribbon around before my mother ordered me outside with the darn thing) and the one with the dumbbells and wrist/ankle weights that you were supposed to fill with water (they always leaked and then my mother would get mad).

I was thinking about Get in Shape Girl because as I head back out onto the trail I am coming to the full realization that I have gotten way out of shape this winter.  I neglected the gym and used being busy at work as an excuse.  Now that the weather is beautiful and it’s time to hit the trails, I find myself horribly self-conscious. 

So I’m using today’s blog entry as a public reminder to myself…and any of the rest of you who feel you’ve gotten “soft” over the past few months…that there’s no help for it except to get back out there.  I’ll get back in shape again, and so will you.  Now, where’s my purple headband and pink ribbon?

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