Clymb? Yes, I Think I Will

27 09 2010

If you’re a shopper, and you enjoy shopping online from the comfort of your office — I mean, home — then you’ve probably already discovered the multitude of membership-only sales websites that offer designer clothes and home goods at super steep discounts.  You know, I’m talking about Gilt, HauteLook, OneKingsLane, and so on.  You can get high-end stuff for mid-range prices, but things are available in limited quantities, so you’ve got to jump on a sale when one comes up.

It’s super fun.

I’ve already talked a little on this blog about the importance (and fun) of putting on your “costume” for outdoorsy activities, and the excitement (and fun) of shopping for gear.  The downside of the glee that comes from gear-shopping, of course, is the expense.  Performance gear and wear are Pricey.  Sure, you can find deals, but it adds up, and in at least some cases, you get what you pay for.

Well, have no further fear, because someone has come up with the totally-obvious-why-didn’t-I-think-of-it idea of having one of these membership-only steep discount limited quantity sales sites for outdoor gear. 

Yes, that’s right.  Catch your breath.  I’ll give you a moment.

It’s called The Clymb.  I’m not sure why they couldn’t spell “climb” properly.  There’s probably a reference I’m not getting, but I’m choosing to ignore my usually deal-breaking pet peeve of intentionally mispelled names of stores in this special case.  A friend of mine sent me an invite, and ladies (and gentlemen), it looks really good.  There are good brands on there.  This past week, I spotted Mountain Hard Wear backpacks at 50% off.  Yes, that does come to a savings of $150 in some cases.  These are serious deals.

Now, I haven’t bought anything yet, so I can’t speak to service.  But I’m going to give them a try soon and thought I’d share.  If you want an invite, email hermountain at gmail dot com with your email address and I’ll hook you up.

Happy Shopping!

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When Life Gets In the Way

20 09 2010

A preview of what's to come

When John Lennon said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, I think he was looking into the future and speaking directly to me, specifically this past summer.  Of course, in my case, I made so many plans for the summer that once it arrived it was all I could do to run around and keep all the plans, let alone reflect on them or write about them in some coherent fashion, even when they did involve hiking and the wilderness.

And then, once summer was over, Her Side learned about another soon-to-manifest work-life upheaval (a good one, don’t worry) that will likely make it even more difficult to post regularly.  Thus, I’m going to jump off the regular posting schedule for a while — I’ll no longer be on hiatus, and will try to post at least once a week if not more, but I can’t promise the days.

To make it easier to follow without obsessively checking the site (which I know you’ve been doing faithfully even while I’ve been a flake), here’s what you can do:

  1. You can subscribe to the email list, on the right side of the page;
  2. You can click on the little RSS feed button; or
  3. You can follow Her Side, “hermountain” on Twitter.

Or you can do all three.  I’m just sayin’.

In the meantime, I do have a number of articles in the works, including:

  • a review of a hike in Vermont that I did while dragging my non-hiking best friend and her two kids along with me (first time hiking for the 5 year old!)
  • a review of an incredible Colorado resort spa (complete with hiking)
  • a review of a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park that I have now managed to do twice somehow without realizing it until the hike began the second time
  • reviews of some products, including sunscreen, bug repellant, lip balm, and soy jerky
  • finishing up the Rules and the Good Stuff
  • some slightly politicized discussions of paying for rescues in National Parks and people’s tendency to rely on technology to overestimate their abilities and safety
  • and a bunch of other stuff.

See, I have been thinking about you, I swear. 

© Her Side of the Mountain, 2010.