About Me

Lisa M. Palin is a writer. She writes creative non-fiction and blogs and emails and Facebook posts and flash fiction and is working on a young adult novel about deception and memory and manipulation and identity.

Lisa M. Palin is a trained attorney. She graduated from Boston College Law School in 2004 and worked as a commercial litigator specializing in insurance/reinsurance coverage disputes in Boston, Massachusetts for seven years before leaving the law to write. She has a Masters of Educational Administration (M.Ed), and has experience representing juveniles in Massachusetts against charges of delinquency, status offenses, and care and protection actions. She also spent six months as a district court prosecutor.

Lisa M. Palin is a geek. She gets very excited about graveyard history, old fancy houses, battleships, and historical politicians. She can talk for hours about the creative process of writing. She has been known to deliver a smackdown in an argument about public policy and then abandon the argument in favor of a game of Brick, only to think of a final point and bring up the argument again later.

Lisa M. Palin is a fraternity brother. Don’t suggest that women should be called sisters because she’s heard it before and it will just cause her to roll her eyes.

Lisa M. Palin is a hiker, a camper, and an advocate for the National Park System. And that’s why you’re here, so why don’t you get on with reading about that, instead of this.

You can contact Lisa at lisa dot palin at gmail dot com. Or go to her website, LisaPalin.com.

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