Let’s Get Mechanical

4 03 2010

Today on Go Girl, I tell you ten things every solo road-tripping girl should know about her car.

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And It’s Wednesday

24 02 2010

I know, I know.  I know what you’re thinking.

It’s Wednesday already, and there has been no post from Her Side yet this week.  Well, Her Side is floundering.  Buried under a mountain of work.  Barely having a moment to remember to feed the cat in between finishing work and crashing for a few hours of sleep and then rising to keep working.  Trying desperately to get through the next few days when things should get a lot easier.

And boom.  There it is.  That inevitable thing that happens when you don’t have time to live your life because you’re so busy living your life: you try to skip days.  I swore I would stop doing that, and am ashamed that I’ve gotten myself into that habit again.  I’ve been doing it since the holidays. 

It happened in 2008 as well (most of 2008, in fact, which passed me by like a freight train without brakes), which is why, in 2009, I remembered how much I love hiking and camping and made an effort to make time for it again.  Which is how I realized that neither activity has to be a giant production (despite all of my precautions and warnings).  Which is why I decided to start writing about it so other people could stop living for the weekend, or the end of this crazy project, or whatever is keeping them (you) from living your life the way they (you) want to live it.  So you could take my advice, get yourself in the habit, and take the time to smell the roses.  Or whatever else you find on the trail.

You can do it.  Try something new.  Or old, it doesn’t matter.  Stop putting off your life until you have more time to live it.  Do it now.  Don’t let life pass you by.

And I’ll be back on Friday and try really hard not to miss another day of posting.  Thanks for sticking around!

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Pinching Dollars

18 02 2010

Check out today’s article on Go Girl, in which I give you some ideas to keep costs down while you travel the open road. 

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Photo Friday

5 02 2010

So we didn’t get enough entries in the contest.  I am SO disappointed.  But wait!  It’s my contest.  So I am hereby extending the deadline to next Friday, February 12.  But that’s it, and I mean it.  Check out the other entries here.  Think you can do better?  Send in your own!

Meanwhile, here’s a bit of Western majesty for you on this Happy Friday.

Colorado National Monument

Beginnings and Endings

21 01 2010

Today, on Go Girl, I talk about football, meeting folks on a road trip, and mothers who worry.

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A Different Kind of Gold

7 01 2010

Today at Go Girl, I talk about meeting Mike in Montana, a gold miner and self-taught law scholar.

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Free Holiday E-Cards!

9 12 2009

I know, I know, this is the second post today, but it’s only because this is quick.

The National Parks Conservation Association has a series of free holiday e-cards that you can send to your friends, family, enemies…pretty much whomever you think deserves a card from you.  Now, I normally refrain from sending e-cards around the holidays…I may be a blogger, but I still value the handwritten card because of the time and attention involved.

However, the NPCA cards are really nice.  And they’ve made them available for free, and all.  And they promote the National Parks.  So, I think this is a win.  Maybe more people than usual will get holiday cards from me this year.

(I particularly like the “Joy to the World” card with the bear rolling in the snow.)