Single-Serving Friends

13 05 2010

Today on Go Girl, I talk about my volcanic ash-tastic return voyage from Paris, and the benefits of single-serving friends.

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Back on Schedule

12 05 2010

Bonjour, faithful readers.  I’m so embarrassed.  Have you missed me?  I’ve missed you!

The last month has been a busy one for Her Side, culminating in being away with limited internet access for the past week-and-a-half, and a nightmare return transatlantic flight in which we flew around the volcanic ash that is wreaking havoc over the ocean.  But I’m back, and no more excuses.  While I recover from jet lag and get back on track, here are a few tidbits to keep you occupied.

In the coming weeks: gear and food reviews, the completion of the Rule and the Good Stuff, and the unveiling of a new and exciting project…

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Adventure vs. Comfort

29 04 2010

Today on Go Girl, it’s a battle between two travel personalities.

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Anyone There?

26 04 2010

Faithful readers, please forgive me.  Her Side has been royally buried under the work mountain for the past couple of weeks.  I’m working on a new post right now, and will put it up on Wednesday.  I’m so sorry I’ve been neglectful.

Here, have something cute to tide you over.

It’s a wild mountain…no, no, it’s just my cat.  Isn’t she cute?  Her Side will be back from hiatus soon!  Hang in there with me!

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Drive Me Crazy

15 04 2010

Today on Go Girl, I explain why driving is my travel mode of choice.

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Get in Shape, Girl

5 04 2010

You know the feeling. It's so appealing.

Last week, a friend of mine Facebook’d a reminiscence about a 1980’s toy series called “Get in Shape Girl.”  I had completely forgotten about this phenomenon, but it all came flooding back to me immediately, including the goofy theme song.  No no, you’re going to suffer with me:

Now, I had a bunch of these pink-and-purple workout sets when I was a young impressionable girl.  I particularly remember the one with the ribbon à la rhythmic gymnastics (it was a challenge to see how often I could knock things over by flailing the ribbon around before my mother ordered me outside with the darn thing) and the one with the dumbbells and wrist/ankle weights that you were supposed to fill with water (they always leaked and then my mother would get mad).

I was thinking about Get in Shape Girl because as I head back out onto the trail I am coming to the full realization that I have gotten way out of shape this winter.  I neglected the gym and used being busy at work as an excuse.  Now that the weather is beautiful and it’s time to hit the trails, I find myself horribly self-conscious. 

So I’m using today’s blog entry as a public reminder to myself…and any of the rest of you who feel you’ve gotten “soft” over the past few months…that there’s no help for it except to get back out there.  I’ll get back in shape again, and so will you.  Now, where’s my purple headband and pink ribbon?

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Anticipation Round-up

29 03 2010

Ah, springtime.  Here in New England, that means rain, rain, followed by a teaser couple of warm sunny days, and then more rain (and last Friday, in Boston, snow/sleet).  At least the temperature is rising, and I have hopes that the spring hiking can soon begin in earnest.  In the meantime, as I look out at the rain and gloom, I’m focused on the anticipation of the good outdoor weather.  Here are five things to get you in the mood for a great hiking and camping season:

  1. The National Park Service celebrates National Park Week, April 17 – 25, by waiving entrance fees.  That’s right, free!  Do you really need another excuse to check out the National Parks near you?
  2. The National Park Foundation has teamed up with with a great incentive program that helps the National Parks.  You can now book your next vacation on Expedia through the National Park Foundation website, and for every flight, hotel, or rental car booked in this way, Expedia will donate 50% of its profits to the NPF. 
  3. Got some winter weight to shed?  Is 2010 the year you’ll become the buff, healthy woman you’ve always wanted to be?  Does the treadmill at the gym make you scowl?  This month’s issue of Outside Magazine has a great article on re-energizing (or discovering) your fitness regimine with jazzed up walks in the park.  I’ve looked it over, and I think you can do it on a hiking trail, too.  (The article does not yet appear online, so you’ll have to ferret it out elsewhere).  It involves short 2-3 minute walking bursts with reps of exercises that can be done with the assistance of a park bench or a fallen tree.  Check it out or make up your own!
  4. Are you a student with some time this summer, or an executive who can take a leave of absence?  Check out the seasonal employment offered by the National Park Service. 
  5. Are you a writer?  Would you like to be?  Creative Conferences is holding a series of conferences in Boulder, Colorado, this August and September, covering memoirs, magazine writing and digital photography.  These two-day intensive workshops — and the possibility of publication in Women’s Adventure Magazine — will give you a jump start, connections in the industry, and a wealth of information.  Plus, hanging out in Boulder?  Not too shabby.

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