Pencil Yourself In

2 06 2010

My calendar is way more full than this.

I woke up yesterday and realized that while I was recovering from the holiday weekend, June had descended upon us.

How in the world is it June already?  Beware, campers, this summer is going to fly by, I can feel it.  Are your weekends already booked?  Weddings, baby showers, trips to the beach, family obligations…when are you going to have free time to get out and hike?

Answer: Make the time.

I know, it’s easier said than done.  It’s much more comfortable to make time for your family and friends, to make the time to travel to see other people or share in their momentous life events, than it is to make time for yourself.  I experience this too.  I feel guilty when I try to tell someone I can’t make plans to travel to see them for a weekend not because I have already booked time for someone else, but because I have things that I want to do, things that are important to me.

Well, I’m telling myself — and you — to Get Over It.

Go ahead, schedule some time for yourself.  You don’t need an excuse.  You want to spend a day hiking and are worried that your schedule is filling up too fast?  Quick, pick a day, and pencil yourself in.  Better yet, write in ink.  Now, keep your date with yourself.  Don’t cancel just because you get another offer.  You deserve more consideration than that.

I know I do.

© Her Side of the Mountain, 2010.



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