Seeking Inspiration

24 05 2010

I got nothing for you today.  I’m sure there are plenty of things to talk about, but as I peruse outdoors-related items, I’m just getting depressed because most of it is about the oil spill.  We still have a few points to address on the Rules and the Good Stuff, and plenty of equipment to discuss, but today, I’m not feeling it.  Probably because it’s absolutely glorious outside and I’m not out in it.

So instead of forcing something, I’m throwing it back to you, dear readers.  Ask me questions.  About me, about hiking, about camping, about National Parks, about blogging…whatever comes into your pretty little heads.  I reserve the right to refuse to answer, or to answer a different question than you asked.  Answers to be posted on Wednesday.

Now, bring it on…and please ask, so I’m not sitting here all by myself on Wednesday.

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4 responses

24 05 2010

ok, i’ll bite 🙂 We’re moving out west this summer (Albuquerque, to be exact). Neither Bryan nor I have ever spent any time in that part of the country, and we’re looking forward to exploring it. Other than the grand canyon (which neither of us has ever visited and will only be two hours away), any good suggestions for day/weekend camping/hiking trips? Any favorite places in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, or souther Utah?

24 05 2010

Tell us about your youthful adventures at Alton Jones, Chewonki and backpacking in Ireland. And don’t forget Mark Trail.

24 05 2010

Ok, here’s mine: when did you first start hiking solo and what motivated you to do so?

26 05 2010

Sorry, don’t have any great inspiration for you – searching for inspiration myself which is how I found your site! Hope you find your Muse.

I like your writing though – I subscribed to your RSS feed.

(couldnt find the link for RSS on your site but Google Reader figured it out – I get to many emails already).


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