Photo Friday

2 04 2010

Since we had fun with signage last week, this week’s photo is another sign.  This isn’t a warning sign — though, I suppose that depends on your perspective.

The lawyers out there will find this amusing.  What makes it even more amusing is that this sign was at the Grand Canyon, at the first viewing point you reach after entering the park through the East Entrance.  It was on a teeny tiny postage stamp of grass with a couple of trees on the side of a parking lot next to the restrooms.  They couldn’t have been more obscure about this if they tried.

Now, lawyers, dredge up your memories of ConLaw.  What kind of a forum is this sign attempting to designate?  Open?  Limited?  Designated?  All of the above?

Happy Good Friday!

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Don’t Leave Home Without It

1 04 2010

Today, on Go Girl, I reveal eight things to make sure you pack when you leave on your road trip.  You know, the one you’re planning.  You are planning one, right?

Check it out here.

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