Something Very Different

17 03 2010

I’m taking a break from writing about hiking and camping today to engage in some blatant self-promotion…I mean, give the readers a glimpse into other facets of my personality.  Here’s something that y’all who don’t know me personally don’t know about me:

When I’m not on a mountain or in a canyon, or planning my next dude ranch trip, (or, heaven forfend, at work) I write fiction.  Usually in the cover of darkness — think of me as a fiction-ninja.  In recent years, I’ve won a couple of contests for short stories and what-not.  I am perpetually working on twenty-seven novels* that fall into a wide variety of genres, from literary to romance to thriller to YA to YA-thriller-romance.  I don’t write sci-fi or fantasy, unless coerced.

Yesterday, I was published for the very first time not as the result of winning a contest, in the Boston Literary Magazine.  My piece is technically a drabble (which is a story of exactly 100 words) though it currently appears in the “Quick Fiction” section.

What makes this even more fun is that my friend and fellow writer Carrie Heim Binas is also published in this issue, in the Drabble section.  Check her out, too.

We’ll be back on topic on Friday!

* Not an exact number…

© Her Side of the Mountain, 2010.



One response

24 03 2010

Congratulations on being published… I’m enjoying your hikes!

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