Who Wants Free Stuff?

10 03 2010

We all want free stuff.

I’ve been tooling around the interwebs recently, and have stumbled across a number of contests.  Even though I could keep them to myself, and increase my chances of winning, I’m going to share them with you all.  My reasons for doing so are selfish too, of course.  The way I see it, if you get a free tent or a free GPS device, it might inspire you to finally get out there and get hiking and camping, and then you’ll keep coming back here and reading.  Right?

GPS For Today is giving away a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Tracking Device.  It’s a “come rescue me” beacon.  It won’t tell you how to get yourself unlost, it will tell rescue services to come and find you — and where to find you.  It also lets you send out an “okay” beacon so that loved ones will know you’re safe on longer treks.  GPS for Today is giving away the device and one year of service, and provides a number of ways to enter.  The blog itself, in its own words, “explores the applications of GPS technology for every day life by examining current usage while anticipating what GSP will look like into the future….  We are here to try to anticipate some of the potential uses of GPS technology, exposing the potential abuse while we praise the possible use.” 

Women’s Adventure Magazine has a bunch of giveaways going on right now, for a series of outdoor adventure gear.  This includes: GORE bike pants, a Sierra Trading Post tent, a Marmot Catalyst jacket, a Nikwax package, an assortment of items from the Gear Playground, and an Osprey courier bag.

Pyramid Breweries, a western beer company, is giving away a 5-Day Whitewater Rafting trip (with airfare) in Hell’s Canyon, Idaho.  I think this sounds awesome.  Unfortunately, it’s not open to residents of every state.  Most of the states that qualify are out west.  So, readers, if you live in one of the states that qualifies, enter, and when you win, invite me along, please.  Many thanks!  (**this find courtesy of Hiking Lady.)

Good luck!

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2 responses

10 03 2010

Disney Vacations has a sweepstakes for a trip for 4 adults to Disney World to do 4 nights 5 days at the theme parks. Not exactly hiking, I realize, but perhaps still appealing to one’s sense of adventure.

11 03 2010

Well, Disney certainly can include hiking. Epcot is huge.

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