On A Magic Carpet Ride

4 12 2009

As I’ve been writing Her Side, I have come across a number of other fantastic sites (yes, by using the word “other” I am implying that Her Side is fantastic), usually blogs, usually related to travel or the outdoors, and usually written by women.  Come on an around-the-blogworld-in-less-than-ten-minutes expedition with me.  You’ll like what you see.

The Daily Coyote

The Daily Coyote is a beautiful mostly-photo-but-with-some-lovely-writing blog by Shreve Stockton, author of the book The Daily Coyote (but the blog came first).  Ms. Stockton moved to Wyoming on a whim because it called out to her heart, and found herself loving the savage land, a cowboy, and a coyote pup (now fully grown) named Charlie.  On the blog, she documents how she came to Wyoming, how she came to be Charlie’s mother, and how she raised him along with a cat, a dog, and now a cow and a horse.  Be forewarned: if you click the “start at the beginning” link, be prepared to lose several days reading the entries and gazing at the photos.

Dressed In Dirt

Then there’s Dressed In Dirt.  Dressed In Dirt is the A.T. name of a woman who lives in Portland, OR, spent two and a half months hiking the A.T., blogs about it and hiking and camping and other related things, loves the outdoors, and doesn’t think of herself as hardcore.  I beg to differ, Adelaide, because you’re definitely more hardcore than I am…but as you rightly say, “Everyone hikes their own hike.”  I’m just glad you’re sharing your writing, experiences, and photography with the rest of us — building a community of women solo hikers and campers is part of what I’m trying to do here too.

Around the World with Lillie Marshall

Lille Marshall is in the midst of a “Round the World” solo trip, having decided to take the plunge after six years of teaching and saving.  Having traversed Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam, and currently in Thailand, Lillie is writing about her adventures on her blog.  Lillie also happens to be a co-contributor on Go Girl.  Just sayin’, full disclosure and all.  But she really is fun to read.  Makes me start wondering if I could pull off that kind of trip…

Hiking Lady

And finally, there’s Hiking Lady.  Hiking Lady has a great site with a treasure trove of information and deals (my favorite part is the deals) and news about hiking.

Now, of course, this list isn’t exclusive, and I’ve seen more sites, so more reviews will come.  But in the meantime, help me find these great bloggers? 

What are your favorite camping/hiking/outdoors/female travel sites?

Bring it on.  I’m ready.

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2 responses

8 12 2009
Hiking Lady

Thanks for including my site on your list! I’m glad you find it helpful. I really enjoy reading your blog, particularly your articles about solo female camping. Happy holidays and happy hiking! -Carol

10 12 2009

I feel honored that you reviewed my site. Go strong backpacking women!

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