Photo Friday

13 11 2009

For the second week in a row, Friday got here before I was ready for it.  But since I kind of like the idea of posting a photo every so often, and Friday is as good a day as any, I think I’ll keep this up for a while.

Last week, I gave you a scene from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.  This week, I present to you a scene from Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona.  Yes, I was alone on this hike.  Yes, I am standing in the stream to take this photo.  Yes, it’s beautiful.  And yes, I got lost more than once due to stream crossings — but always managed to find my way back to the trail.

Oak Creek Canyon

Happy Weekend!

* By the way, I got some grief last week for lack of clarity in my comma placement.  So let’s be clear.  I didn’t call this post (or last week’s) “Foto Friday.”  The reason I didn’t is that one of my pet peeves is the intentional mispelling of words to make them “look cute.”  It doesn’t look cute, it looks dumb.  So be forewarned, if you name your private campground “Katie’s Kampsite,”  I am likely to cringe and look for somewhere else to stay.



One response

18 11 2009

Let’s not forget ‘Olde’, ‘Shoppe’, and my favorite, ‘towne’. This, like intentionaly misspelling, looks dumb. It also makes your store look dumb. Like Lisa said, knock it off.
😉 Hil

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