And Now For Something Completely Different

7 10 2009

I was surfing the interwebs yesterday, looking for inspiration/information to write today’s post.  Usually, on Wednesdays, I have been posting about some particular type of equipment, and was trying to decide what to write about this week (tents?  backpacks?  water bottles?  GPS devices?) when I found this:

Now only $3.38!

Now only $3.38!

Moosejaw is an outdoor company (most shops in Michigan) with a sense of humor that almost exactly matches mine.  So much so that I wonder why I haven’t shopped with them before.  They have selection, knowledgeable commentary, users leave detailed product reviews, they price match, and they have an excellent return policy.  Plus, it seems that customer service is unparalleled.

Plus, Pipe Cleaner Animals are now on sale.

Stumbling across Moosejaw (where I will definitely become a customer, and let you know how that works out) reminded me of something important.  Outdoorsy people, especially casual outdoorsy people, tend not to take themselves (or anyone else) too seriously.  It’s this laid-back “it’s all good” attitude that calls to me when I’m wearing my corporate pants.*  So smile, enjoy Moosejaw’s website, the Madness, dream of crisp mountain air, and relax.

Now, get back to work.

*”Corporate pants” is a metaphor.  Like wearing a “hat” might mean you’re in a particular role, and when you change your “hat” you’ve changed your role.  It’s just that I think “pants” is a funnier word.  And image.  Although, come to think of it, I often wear pants to the office, and they are indeed corporate business wear, so…it works on multiple levels.



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7 10 2009

Wait, I thought you wore legal briefs?

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